Review of BObsweep PetHair Cleaner and Mop

BObsweep PetHair Cleaner and MopLiving with pets is no longer a problem with the BObsweep Pet hair cleaner and mop at home. This robot vacuum is specially meant to remove pet hair, dander and paw prints. Its 1 lt. dustbin is the largest in the industry which proves helpful while the device sweeps, vacuums, mops and UV sterilizes all floor types.

While its mop can mop any type of tile or laminate, Bob increases the vacuum power and brushing power to get rid of stubborn paw prints. The automatic carpet sweeper can sweep and mop all types of floors like tile, hardwood and carpet while it’s UV lights ensures your floors are sparkling and shiny.

Reviews and Prices BObsweep PetHair Cleaner

Vacuuming and sweeping

BObsweep runs on a 7500 RPM TurboLift motor which effectively picks up and removes even the deeply embedded dust, dirt, debris and hair from all types of carpets. It uses a rotating, full-contact brush and a squeegee type of dust sweeper to clean and remove all the dust and hair on floors. It’s side brush sweeps corners, walls and other hard-to-reach areas.

Mopping and UV sterilizing

Unlike most other standard vacuums, BObsweep also mops your floors. Just clip on its micro-fiber cloth and Bob simultaneously sweeps and mops your floors. The BObsweep is also known for its UV sterilization feature where its 400 NM UV lamp sterilizes the floor while a HEPA filter removes all the allergens like mold, viruses and dust mites from the air.

Self-charging battery

The robotic vacuum cleaner is powered by a high-capacity quad Li-Ion battery which works for as long as 1 hour and 15 minutes on a single charge. Once the battery is less than 15%, the robot vac automatically returns to the charger base to self-charge itself.

Personalized cleaning schedule

You can customize a schedule for your robot to clean your home even when you are away. Set it to tidy your home once a day, every day if needed.

Remote control and low-track contouring

Everything about Bob is controlled via its fully functional infrared remote control including its movements, functions and cleaning modes and speeds. Bob also has a spring-operated surface automator which modifies to match the surface level while ensuring maximum and continuous floor contact.

High-sensitive sensor system

The BObsweep PetHair has a set of edge sensors that detects all types of edges, drops, stairs and platforms. Its infrared sensors can detect and avoid all objects in Bob’s path while its high-sensitivity dirt sensors alert the robot when there’s a soiled area.

3 cleaning modes

The automatic carpet sweeper works in 3 different modes. In case of Robot or Auto Pilot mode, the unit automatically tidies all types of surfaces. It then returns and docks onto the charging base when the battery is less than 15%.

With Quick Clean, Bob automatically gives a quick and efficient cleaning only over a medium-sized area after and goes into standby mode after 30 minutes. The Touch Up mode does just what its name suggests, it automatically gives a speed touch up to a small area and goes to standby mode after 15 minutes.


  • 3 different working modes
  • Extra large dustbin
  • Vacuums even pet hair when working properly
  • Its sensors ensures it doesn’t fall off stairs and avoids obstacles
  • Infrared remote control controls its functions, movements and cleaning speeds and modes
  • Automatically charges itself when the battery is 15%
  • All environmentally safe components
  • Has an OBD-R which self-checks for proper working and reports errors
  • Contains remote control, Li-Ion battery, charging station and adapter, 2 side brushes, 2 additional HEPA filters, a main brush, blindfold and bumper stickers, mop and micro-fiber cloths, maintenance and cleaning tools, warranty card and manual
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easily traverses from carpets to floors


  • A bit noisy
  • Tends to get stuck in a part of the house
  • Is not that effective at picking up dust and crumbs as pet hair
  • Needs to be frequently cleaned and troubleshooting
  • Does not clean thick carpet or area rugs
  • Sensors cannot detect it getting stuck under furniture till it wedges itself in
  • May be a bit rough while treating natural fiber area rugs
  • Not impressive mop
  • Does not give equal cleaning time to all rooms
  • Needs 2 ft. of open space on charging station sides and 10ft in front which can be daunting in small homes

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