Review of Ilife A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ilife A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In today’s fast paced world, it is the dream of any time-sensitive person to forego house cleaning and instead channel their time into more productive tasks. The introduction of robot vacuums made this dream a reality. In the past few years, robot vacuums have become very popular. The promise to clean floors without any appreciable human effort has made their demand skyrocket. That said, not all units are suitable to replace your traditional vacuum cleaner or are perfect for your home.

The ILIFE A4 is among the few functional, reliable and best selling smart robot vacuums on the market. It is a mid-range priced unit that can deliver a satisfying job and is excellent for users on a budget. If you’re looking for a vacuum that is conducive for all home environments and can provide automatic cleaning for a very long time and requires very minimal human interference, then the ILIFE A4 robovac is the ideal product for you.

The manufacturer- ILIFE- is one of the most trusted consumer robot companies in the world. They focus on producing competitive cleaning products that are currently serving over 10 million families worldwide – a testament to their credibility.

About The Product

Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions — 2 by 12.2 by 3 inches
  • Item weight —  9 pounds
  • Shipping weight —  5 pounds
  • Manufacturer  —  ILIFE Innovation
  • Origin —  China
  • ASIN  —  B01F79WLZ0

Important Features

  • 3 step cleaning.
  • Advanced cleaning Motor
  • Automatically docks and recharges
  • Low profile body
  • Fade-free battery
  • Up to 120 minutes running time.
  • HEPA filtration
  • Infra-red sensors
  • Remote controlled

ILIFE is among the pioneers of consumer robots. With over 10 years creating super friendly cleaning helpers, their products are among the most decent priced and among the few that implement the latest ground breaking technologies.

  • Three Step Cleaning

This ILIFE model incorporates a three step process in its cleaning strategy for thorough elimination of dirt and debris. First, the vacuum agitates dirt, debris and other minute particles onto the path of the robovac. Secondly, the particles are brushed lightly and lastly, the 1000 Pascals suction of the vacuums wrings the particles into the reservoir leaving a clean and neat space.

  • Advanced cleaning motors

The ILIFE A4 robovac comes with an inbuilt motor that rivals most robovacs. The motor is built with ILIFE’s patented smart technology and comes with a unique “Max” mode that enables the vacuum to agitate, brush and capture particles more efficiently for a thorough clean.

  • Automatically docks and recharges

Like all of ILIFE’s mechanical helpers, the ILIFE A4 is programmed to automatically go back to its docking station and plug itself to charge once its battery starts to run out. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to constantly monitor the vacuum to determine if it’s running lower on power in order to recharge it.

  • Low profile body

The ILIFE A4 was designed with a sleek, compact and low profile body to be able to navigate easily under and between furniture and other objects in the house. Its Titanium-grey body also makes it visually attractive allowing the vacuum to blend easily with most household decors.

  • Fade-free battery

ILIFE A4 is powered by a 2600mAh Li-ion fade free battery. This means, unlike traditional batteries, the ILIFE A4 robovac batteries do not leak power gradually over time when in storage or in use. This means they can hold power for much longer durations and require less charging sessions overall.

  • 120 minutes run-time

ILIFE’s fade free battery technology plus the 2600mAh battery specification allows for up to a 120 minute battery run time on the ILIFE A4 robovac. The battery comes with two power modes i.e. economy and max. In some cases “economy” mode can last up to 2.5 hours.

  • HEPA filtration Ilife A4 HEPA filtration

In addition to cleaning, this robotic vacuum eliminates tiny dust, debris and other particles that might cause allergies through the use of a mechanical air filter that firmly traps these particles and prevents them from escaping back into the air.

  • Infra Red Sensors

According to ILIFE, they are the only robotic manufacturer to implement Infra Red sensors on their robovacs for enhanced mobility. The sensors are placed on the front wheels to detect objects and protect the vacuum from possible collisions as well as from getting stuck between objects.

  • Remote Controlled

The ILIFE A4 can easily be controlled through an Infra Red remote control to clean specific areas in the house.

  • Three Cleaning modes

User can pick one of three cleaning modes i.e. spot, edge or pre-planned, depending on the level of cleaning they prefer.

What Customers Say

Most customers love the vacuum’s ability to give floors a spotless clean. Another advantage of this vacuum is its great price considering simplicity and vast automated features.

Some weaknesses cited include a sudden breakdown of specific parts such as brushes and sensors in a few of the models. This can easily be fixed by claiming the warranty which is issued upon every purchase.

Buying Advice

The ILIFE A4 is one of the best vacuums to use in any home setting. The vacuum produces very little noise, has a strong suction power that can easily pick up tiny particles including hairs and potential allergens and has one of the strongest batteries in the market. Although it cannot be controlled remotely e.g. when the user is at work, through a smart phone or an app, it can be controlled locally using an Infra Red remote control that pings the sensors attached to the wheels. This lack of remote access is one of the factors that contribute to its affordable pricing. It exceeds most vacuums in terms of price and feature combinations and generally delivers very satisfying results.


This is a vacuum that is highly durable and easily transitions from one surface to another. The ILIFE A4 does more than just clean; it purifies the air as well through the use of HEPA filters. It also requires very little maintenance; apart from emptying the dust reservoir, only occasional slight surface cleaning is required. This vacuum’s design is also very unique. By consuming very little storage space it makes for a very elegant and economical addition to any home.

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