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Hello everyone! I am Greg Kettler, a developer in one of the leading manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners. I make it a point to keep abreast with the latest automatic vacuum cleaners in the market by conducting objective assessments and writing complete reviews on as many units on the site.

I know how difficult it may be for working women and people with mobility issues like back and knee pain which prevent them from bending to clean their homes. However a home has to be kept neat and tidy all the time not only to look great, but also for health reasons.

It’s even more important for people with pets that constantly shed pet hair which litters the house. People with allergies too cannot afford to let their homes get dusty or dirty as the dust, pet hair and dander are the main allergens which trigger allergies.

This is where robotic cleaners help. These are compact, automatic carpet sweepers with a low profile which conveniently traverse along your floors, carpets and even edges and corners, picking up all the debris, hair, dust bunnies and dirt it meets on the way.

They are much easier to use than traditional vacuum cleaners which are big and bulky to use on an everyday basis. They also cannot be programmed to do the cleaning unlike robotic vacuum cleaners where you just have to program it and it gets to work no matter if you are at home or not. You can program it to clean your home once or more than once every day as per your requirements.

Robotic cleaners run on a battery which has to be charged periodically. Most of them however automatically return to their charger base to get charged once its battery goes low. So you needn’t worry about looking for the cleaner, picking it up and charging. They in fact, charge in the middle of its chores, and once charged, continue cleaning from where they had stopped.

However just like traditional carpet sweepers, there are so many types and models of robot vacs in the market a novice like you may find it difficult choosing the right one for your home. It’s important you choose the right device with the right sensor system that effectively avoids all the stairs and obstacles while cleaning and can traverse between carpets and different floorings.

This is where I hope to offer my assistance, at helping you make the right choice. I have not only compiled lengthy and thorough reviews of different robot vacuum cleaners in the market, I will also guide and help you buy the right automatic carpet vacuum by listing out the different features, pros and cons of different vacuum cleaners. I have complied all this information with the intention of helping you make a better decision and wiser investment.

I hope all the information provided here helps you make the right choice. Moreover, I’d appreciate it if you not only go through all the information provided here, but also write a review if you do buy and use a robotic vacuum cleaner.

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